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"Awake, Arise, Or Be Forever Fallen" - John Milton/Paradise Lost

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As a writer, I offer more than basic content creation. With a resume that includes projects involving international corporations and trade shows like C.E.S., as well as movie script writing, books and research, I'll deliver work adaptable to both budget and setting. Feel free drop an E-Mail to find out how I can help you.

As you can understand, not all work I do is available to the public. Confidentiality is important in this business and ghost work, pitches, in-house material, isn't available to the public. However, references may be provided. Having said that, samples of recent corporate work (non-movie/book) is provided with the links below:


Capital Fund Screenwriting Hot 100 (2018)

Bluecat Short Scripts Quarterfinalist (2015)

Hovde Best Writer Award


C.E.S. 2017


 Other Projects have included work for:



Square Enix


Concrete Pictures

Jett Wilson