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Recognition for a script in 2018

Recognition for a script in 2018


It is a common experience for people to sit down, think they can create content or a story, by themselves, and then discover it is a lot harder than it looks. A smart business person isn’t afraid to ask for assistance to fill a need.

You deserve to exhibit the right content! My experience ranges from working with marketing teams to flying solo in developing a script. References and resume details available upon request. You can also browse the work I did for C.E.S. ‘17.


Here is a pricing list but I’m open to working within your budgetary needs. CONTACT ME to discuss your project. The time involved is really dependent on the scope of the project.

The Prose Page: $15

Scripts: Request A Quote

Blog Post: $30 (no research) $50 (research)

Web Content/Marketing etc: Request a quote



*Capitol Fund

*BlueCat Shorts


Past Projects:

*Ericsson (C.E.S. 2017)




*Square Enix

*Concrete Pictures