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Because Everyone Hates A Tourist (+Irony)

Maybe I am posting this because it is a Monday, but definitely for my DJ friend, Superfrye. Maybe the urge for this is because it dawns on me that the 1% is too large a bloc, should be cut in half. Then later that half can be sliced in half and so on but definitely because we all hate tourists. Maybe this is a reaction to the lady who slammed her carry-out bag down at McD's, in a public huff, due to her fries being not fresh enough. Those first world problems will drag a person into madness and what could defy reason more than me posting William Shatner's cover (and it is a good one) of Common People? How about two videos in the name of irony, as in seeing your life slide out of view? The original version by Pulp is a kewl video. And yes, we all still hate tourists.