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35th Day of May


This week marks the 30th Anniversary of what many Chinese refer to as the 35th day of May, because China censors any mention (including this blog) of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The event is called such because it was a bloodletting of thousands of innocent, peaceful protestors who were demonstrating for democracy when the Communist Party of China brought in troops and tanks from outside the capital, and without provocation, slaughtered those who dared to demand their voices be heard. The demonstrators had been camped out for several days, and they were winning people over by the hour. Demonstrators even built their own Statue of Liberty. The move toward democracy threatened the Communist apparatus.

I was actually listening to the radio when the massacre occurred. There was a reporter, ABC’s Kyle Gibson, who was in the Square, and giving a live account. I recall hearing bullets whiz past her as she scrambled for cover and described the carnage round about her. They were secretly filming the confrontation. It was one of the best pieces of live reporting I have ever heard.


Since then, the ruling party of China has departed on a mission to repress freedom wherever it is found. It currently operates one of the largest gulag systems in history with millions locked up in camps and executed due to race or religion. It doesn’t even have to do with politics.

China censors what you see on tv or the internet. They rate citizens by their behavior, using facial recognition developed by companies like Google and Amazon. Jaywalk in China and you’re likely to find your picture up on a billboard, denouncing you as a threat to society. Your citizen score gets low enough, you lose your job and get sent off to a camp. China has embraced Big Brother so that the Communist Party may stay in power.

For many Chinese, the massacre is only a rumour, or something they’ve never even heard of after all this time. They don’t know who ‘tank man’ is - the fellow who stood by himself in front of two dozen tanks to stop their approach. Authorities arrested him and no one has ever learned of his fate or even who he was since that day.

China is a threat to humanity itself. The Chinese people can be a promise to the future of our species but only if the the ruling party falls. Until then, it seems the citizens will have to remain enslaved to a powerful elite. The country has taken many wrong turns since the Long Journey. How power does corrupt.