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"We gotta dance with the devil on the river to beat the stream, call it living the dream, call it kicking the ladder" - Brandi Carlile

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(Bk ground Internet Photo: Edie Sedgwick)

I was proud to be on a team put together by Envy-Create that created the showcase for Ericsson at C.E.S. 2017. As you probably know, C.E.S. is the biggest trade show in the world that is held every January in Las Vegas. My job centered around writing the scripts for the graphics team. Below is a link/spot to view the final product as one continuous video that is only 2 minutes long. Other aspects were designed using this as a starting point and the final product is in the gallery of photos below, taken at the start of CES 17.

C..E.S. 2017 SPOT